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IIA account

Setting up of Inward Investment Account (IIA)

Inward Investment Account (IIA) is a special bank account with Sri Lankan banks to route funds to make investments in Sri Lanka. This is an account introduced by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka to fast-track the fund transfer process with minimum documentation. IIA accounts are available in US Dollars, Japanese Yen, Euros and many other key currencies.

Setting up an IIA could be a hassle for foreign investors which is where we can come into play and facilitate our clients in liaising with the banks to set up an IIA.

Our IIA related services

It might be demanding for the investors to complete paperwork and coordinate with the banks in Sri Lanka at the initial stage of investment since this is a unique account in Sri Lanka. Most of the time it’s tough to provide documentary evidence to support the details that the investor has to provide in the account opening mandate due to language and legal framework differences.

  • We provide consultation to complete the account opening application and compile all the required documents to be submitted to the bank to open an IIA account
  • We also facilitate communications with banks for
    • Fund transfers for investments
    • Repatriate dividends
    • Any other related income received from capital transactions undertaken in Sri Lanka

Fee structure

Our fee will be based on the time charge basis or a fixed fee on the estimated hours to be spent on the agreed scope of work. However, it is our consistent pursuit to provide excellent service within our clients’ budgets.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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