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Ryutaro Uchiyama


Mr. Uchiyama is the co-founder of the Tokyo Kyodo Accounting Office (TKAO), Japan back in 1993. TKAO is a firm that provides accounting, taxation, and financial consulting services to Japanese companies and global enterprises. Mr. Uchiyama has been the Representative Partner since TKAO’s inception. SPC management has remained a key pillar underpinning TKAO’s quality suite of services as TKAO is one of the key SPC management firms in Japan.

As a business leader Mr. Uchiyama has developed a culture in TKAO based on professionalism. He has pioneered in inculcating a common value of leading every new service to TKAO’s clients more reliable one. He has made it his mission to contribute to the establishment of new trends in the world economy and maintain such traditions in the TKAO group while paying close attention to national policies, tax systems, and economic trends in Japan and other countries.

Mr. Uchiyama’s areas of expertise expand and go beyond structured finance, project finance, derivatives, corporate finance, private banking, wealth management, asset securitization business utilizing SPC and international taxation.  He is a Certified Public Accountant and Tax Attorney in Japan with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from a reputed University in Japan.

Eranga Dilshan

Head of Operations

Eranga started his career at a leading firm of practicing Chartered Accountants in Sri Lanka and conducted statutory audits, internal audits and IFRS/ IAS implementations. In 2015 he joined a leading financial advisory firm in Tokyo, Japan and was involved in M&A Transaction Services and Infrastructure & Capital Projects. 

He joined Tokyo Kyodo Accounting Office back in 2019 mainly focusing to develop the Japan-Sri Lanka investment corridor to facilitate Japanese investors in Sri Lanka and is in charge of reporting and communicating between Japanese Investors and Sri Lankan partners. He specializes in financial advisory, financial due diligence as well as financial reporting and internal auditing.

He holds a Master’s in Business Management from the University of Southern Queensland, Australia and is an Associate Chartered Accountant (Sri Lanka).